M 1563 is a steward of culture and patronage in art; curators, guided by the tenets of humanism, preserving legacy through the power of blockchain.



To inspire a new generation of artists and collectors to connect through shared values of intellectual, philosophical and artistic expression.


In 1563, Cosimo de’ Medici created the ‘Florentine Academy of Design’ evoking the ‘Platonic Academy’ created a century earlier by his ancestor.

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M 1563

A wholly owned subsidiary, M 1563 is a steward of culture and patronage in art; curators, guided by the tenets of humanism, preserving legacy through the power of blockchain.

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The Royal House of Medici™ to Launch
Art Platform: M 1563
The Royal House of Medici™ to Launch Art Platform: M 1563

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Bridging the past and the future. Paving the way for the dawn of a new Renaissance.

Marquess Patrick R.

CEO, Co-Founder &

Duke Louis-Francois

COO, Co-Founder &

Dave Martin

Co-Founder & Director

Richard Entrup

Strategic Advisor,
Artist Relations & Curation

Michael Stark

Chief Community Officer

Nicola Barbatelli

Special Advisor

Michael Arbach

Chief Technology Officer
M 1563 is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Royal
House of Medici Holdings, Inc.
M1563 is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Royal House of Medici Holdings, Inc.
Claudiu Guraliuc is a fine art photographer, educator and NFT artist, based in Cluj, Romania. He is a Master Photographer, holding the Associate distinction with The Master Photographers Association in the UK, and the distinction of Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain He`s been awarded numerous international accolades, in January 2022 receiving the International Master Photographer of the Year 2021 award, one of the top accolades in the industry. He was also presented with the Fine Art Photographer of the Year award at the 2020 and 2021 Annual Master Photographers International Awards in the UK.

He had his work published by some of the largest circulation photography magazines and has artwork present in galleries, private collections and museums in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Represented by the Katsea Art Gallery, Baltimore, USA and Influx Gallery, Notting Hill, London.
Anastasiia Maiskaya. Fine Art Photographer.

She views photography as fine art, but with great possibilities for expressing her perception of the world. She doesn’t just take pictures, she creates art.Through photography, she tries to communicate different aspects of life to the viewer. She wants her art to evoke love of beauty, desire for meaning, and make people think about some global things.
Maria Fynsk Norup is a Danish fine art photographer telling emotional stories using conceptual self-portraits and the raw poetry of nature. Maria’s work has received several international awards, and has been exhibited widely in Denmark and abroad, lately in Rome during Rome Art Week, Oct 2022. Represented in the permanent collections of the Tezos Collection and The Women’s Museum.
Bay Backner is an artist working at the intersection of fine art, web3-metaverse and digital identity. She is co-founder of Vueltta, an international art collective producing immersive installations in the Decentraland metaverse.
Grace Almera is a photographer and digital artist based in Denmark. Her style is described as emotional and atmospheric.

She loves to create painting-like images and spice them up with alternative fashion and accessories
Izzie (Yixin) Wang is a New York based artist. Growing up in Beijing China, Izzie started traditional Chinese ink painting practice when she was seven. Since then Izzie has been obsessed with the the delicate balance between water and color in her art practice. Izzie’s work has been included in numerous exhibitions in New York, most recently with Christie’s. Her works were sold in Christie’s and other online platforms and were collected by collectors from US, France, China, etc.

Izzie received her Master degree from MIT Sloan School of management.
Contemporary italian artist active for more than twenty years. HI creator. My paintings feature an overlay of digital layers that include the brush strokes of my physical traditional paint.
A life spent courting the Muse.

A stroke of paint, luck or genius is a stroke by any other name.

Traditional only in your perception.
Zhuk is an artist whose creative production revolves around classic figurative painting, presented in a contemporary manner.

Also she practice the transfer of the technique of her Art experience into Digital one because of her exploration of writing with a Real tassel gives the opportunity to work in digital art with her own Style.
Tania Rivilis (b. 1986, Ukraine)

Contemporary artist that explores the limits of the portrait genre.

Tania began painting at the age of 27. In 2022 artist received the prestigious William Lock Prize for the most timeless portrait at Royal Portrait Society, London. Artist’s works are presented on the Bonnard Gallery (Netherlands), as well as at the Arcadia Gallery (New York, USA). Tania’s paintings are now part of museum, gallery, and private collections all over the world.
Freelance Artist with a robust history of gallery exhibitions, book illustration and private commissions. Dangler’s artwork has been featured in museum shows, band albums, stage backdrops, as well as 8 solo gallery exhibitions. Dangler’s traditional artwork can be found in private collections throughout the world.

Marc Dennis is an American artist known for his hyper-realistic paintings that celebrate the subversive potential of beauty and art history. He is represented with Gavlak Gallery, Los Angeles, CA and Palm Beach, FL. His studio is in Brooklyn, NY.


Ilya’s goal is to create psychological tension by blurring the lines between reality and illusion by blending human form with abstraction, creating a surreal, dreamlike state. His work uses surreal imagery to get viewers to think about their own psyches by juxtaposing memories and emotions with seemingly visceral imagery. In his paintings, Shkipin uses both machine learning techniques and traditional artistic techniques to create images that are both familiar yet off-kilter. His paintings blend multiple styles, including surrealism, expressionism, abstract expressionism, cubism, and pop art, to create an otherworldly atmosphere that is simultaneously comforting yet unsettling. Shkipin hopes that by employing neural networks, he can disrupt and disturb people’s comfort zones while also providing them with an outlet for expressing their own discomfort.
Sputniko! is a multi-media artist and filmmaker creating works on the themes of technology, gender and feminism. Her work has been exhibited at the MoMA, Centre-Pompidou Metz, V&A, the Cooper Hewitt, Mori Art Museum, and she was awarded Vogue Japan Woman of the Year in 2013.

Sputniko taught at the MIT Media Lab as an Assistant Professor and was the director of the Design Fiction Group from 2013 to 2017. She is currently an Associate Professor at the Tokyo University of Arts.
Ryan Bell is a software engineer, visual artist, and musician living in Las Vegas, NV.

His visual artwork explores themes of radical complexity, recursion, and playfulness. He describes his process as inventing new software tools to solve interesting technical challenges which yield colorful, sophisticated visual forms.  

Ryan is an active member of the Tezos generative artwork community, selected to host multiple live generative NFT minting galleries at Art Basel across Switzerland and Hong Kong. In a demonstration of versatility and experimentation, his work in Hong Kong, “Microgravity” was fully abstract, using hyper complex fractal mathematics, while his “Dreamcatchers Forest” exhibit in Switzerland produced an illustrative nature scene flowing with leaves and flowers.
Meats Meier is an artist and animator with over 25 years of experience in the digital world. His work has appeared in Movies, commercials, video games and music videos – as well as over 25 covers of books and magazines. He was most recently the Virtual Art Department Supervisor on the Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney Plus.
Laurence Fuller is a professional actor in film, television and theatre of 17 years. Graduated from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School specializing in Classical Theatre, after that he went into London’s West End and was soon cast in lead roles in a number of feature films in Los Angeles, most recently portraying the British painter David Hockney in HBO’s MINX. Award~Winning screenwriter, published author on the arts and poet ~ creating cinematic fine art, with AI animations and spoken word poetry. ~ www.laurencefuller.art
Stefano Contiero is an Italian-Dominican self-taught artist born in Bassano del Grappa (IT). Using generative art, he explores self-reflection and expression through a continuous feedback loop between his subconscious and technology. After developing his craft in solitude for many years, he became known for Frammenti (Art Blocks Curated Series 3) and Rinascita (Art Blocks Playground) in 2021.
AI-Collaborative Artist, 2017 Cryptopunk. Featured in Wired, The New York Times. Auctioned work with Sotheby’s and all over the world. Taste is the new skill.
Stellabelle is a crypto artist, author and metaverse architect. She founded one of the first creative commons crypto art collectives, Slothicorn, in 2017. Her current project CryptoStellas is a satirical NFT collection that was born during the 2021 PFP apocalypse. It’s designed to make people and laugh and cry.

Traditional painter and AI whisperer, Ren AI merges the old masters’ art with his modern taste using instinctive brush strokes, layered lights and hidden meanings. The scenes are taken from everyday life, but they convey the deepest feelings of the people depicted. The viewer can take in the craft and the message to bring home a reaction that will make them think for long time. 

Phosphor is an experimental artist with a background in philosophy and history of art. He has been creating artworks for over a decade in digital painting, collage, webart and video art mediums. Now mainly focusing on the Human-AI collaboration.
Nikita Panin, born in 1989 in St.Petersburg, currently based in Indonesia.

Nikita’s spheres of interest span oil painting, ceramics and various digital art fields with a varied and impressive portfolio. His first foray into digital web-artwork was in 2001 with his first exhibition in 2004. An alum of the St. Petersburg Art & Design Academy (specialising in ceramics) he graduated in 2013 with excellence. Nikita’s work centered around oil painting between 2013 – 2020, however AI experimentation entered his artistic life in 2019. With basic coding skills already in hand, this was a fluid transition for Nikita, ushering him into the world of blockchain digital art. Having amassed considerable experience over the last few years, his main research now focuses on the exploration of creative possibilities within artificial neural networks.
Face is the best medium for expressing emotion. It would be ideal for someone like me who doesn’t want anyone know what’s going on inside the face
Henry Daubrez
/ Painting, AI Art, & Belgian nonsense. / Visual Stories. / Worst-selling NFT artist. @upskydown for my stuff with @dogstudio . OBJKT: http://bit.ly/3GY8iBH Belgiuminstagram.com/upskydown

Collected by Cosimo de Medici
Foleee is an Uruguayan digital painter specializing in portraits. His work features portraits in the style of the old masters and inspired by human nature. His mission is to bring values of beauty, aesthetics and humanity to Web3.
truncation.xero (Amir Zhussupov) is a new media and generative artist from Almaty, Kazakhstan, who explores AI’s potential as an autonomous creator as well as a creative instrument. Amir’s artworks have been exhibited around the world, most notably in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Tokyo. His most famous clients include Apple and Nike.
David Lisser is a UK based artist working across physical and digital media. He has a background in sculpture and his work has been shown widely in Museums and Galleries across the UK and Europe.

His work reflects upon our hopes and fears for the future and interrogate the relationship between technology, nature and consumption. He is particularly interested in creating artworks that function as artefacts from imagined histories and potential futures. His work has been shown at BALTIC, Calgary Contemporary, MIMA, CSER amongst many others.
Hannes Hummel is a German-based 3D Artist and Designer whose work focuses on the intersection between new technologies and traditional design crafts. His work often references historical art movements reimagined through the digital medium.

Hummels‘ recent digital artworks focus on the complexity of organic structures- symmetry, tessellations, and patterns within patterns, thereby reinterpreting nature through a digital lens.
Kristian Levin aka noCreative is a 3D Artist working out of Copenhagen, Denmark. With 15+ years of experience across multiple disciplines in the creative industry, including the traditional art space and fine arts photography.

Known for his striking highly detailed, technical, signature 3D cloth and interior/environment work. He has set himself apart within the NFT art community as a thought leader, artist, collector and curator. Point of entry to the NFT scene was late 2020, enabling a life long dream of becoming an established artist. He has been exhibited at multiple venues the world over like; Calgary contemporary, TED Vancouver, Beijing contemporary, TEFAF in the Netherlands, the Stratosphere in Beijing and at multiple billboards in Times Square during NFT NYC, to name a few.
Icki (born London, UK), is a Digital Artist with years of commercial experience in the 3D industry, and expertise in innovative display mediums such as holographic. His work takes cues from both minimalism and conceptual art, but subverts the aesthetics and tropes of both traditions to provide a unique commentary on the values of the digital art domain. His ‘Plagiarism’ series explored what digital art is and how provenance and a new valuation model treats infringement and copycat culture. The title work ‘Meta-Plagiarism’ was recently exhibited alongside Andy Warhol
Shavonne Wong is a 3D virtual model creator and an artist in the NFT space. Since her venture into NFTs, she has collaborated with Vogue Singapore, Bang & Olufsen and recently sold her work on Sotheby’s. Her works have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, Art Dubai and SEA Focus, Singapore.
MUMBOT is an award-winning artist, storyteller, world-builder, toy designer & creator of MUMBOT WORLD brand. Operating in Web3 since early 2021 making NFTs, onboarding, building – trying to come up with new ways to create cool stuff & innovate. Founder of global creative community GHOST CLUB.
Stephan’s work is easily recognizable due to his unique combination of romantic aesthetics with hints of classical sentiment and melancholy. Stephan blends custom-made procedural tools and traditional craftsmanship in his practice. His works often feature lush ornaments and flowers and strong feminine characters. Compositional elements and work philosophy are heavily inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite painters. Stephan started his career in IT, but soon made the switch to designing art for games. He subsequently worked in a variety of roles from game concept-artist to AI-programming, whilst maintaining a position at the University of Arts Utrecht, lecturing in digital art. Socials Website: http://www.stephanduq.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/stephanduq Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephanduq/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanduq/ Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/stephanduq/ Marketplaces Foundation: https://foundation.app/stephanduq Makersplace: https://makersplace.com/stephanduq OBJKT: https://objkt.com/profile/tz1Q6Kxb97KvTzWg6uRL6musK2imwuhHDZHH/
Dolce Paganne is a voodoo artist, exporting fairytales to nightmares. Her works are featured worldwide in art magazines such as Hi Fructose, Beautiful Bizarre, DPI and exhibited in galleries&museums in US, UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Australia and Turkey… In the uncanny valleys of her surreal experiments where she researches the roots of “fear” she often escapes into the smooth aesthetics of “vintage”.
Punk artist disturbing the old masters with AI. I’m mostly working with neural networks, deep learning and deep dream codes in Python/PyTorch. I find it truly fascinating how scary and ugly computer’s dreams are so I decided to go back to a time where paintings were all about pure classic beauty and I’m trying to see them from the eyes of our times. I’m running those paintings through a bunch of different algorithms to create the dream-like psychedelic appearance of my pieces by over-processing the images to a point of madness and once I have enough versions I’m layering them in Photoshop to paint “mask” different parts of the layers until it’s perfect. All those different textures are becoming a selection of unique brushes and colors that I use to sublimate my fears and demons into my work.
Creating in the new medium and the era of art, where creativity of machine & mind unite as one. Jenni Pasanen is an artists combining digital painting with AI, instead of canvas painted by a brush, she use generative adversarial networks as her inspiration & paint. This tool frees the imagination, to create something unprecedented & fascinating.
Zancan, generative artist from Bordeaux, France, has been both a painter and a programmer for four decades. By synergizing his former practice as a traditional artist working with oil paint with the computer code medium, he enlightened the graphical possibilities of a « figurative-generative » art genre. His digital artworks and resulting pen-plotter drawings, which rely on technology both to exist and to be traded, are his inspiration to remind us of the necessary bond between man and nature, raising attention through visual symbolism about environmental and social matters. Zancan’s series “Garden, Monoliths” and “The Lushtemples”, that focus on rendering natural shapes with mathematical equations and programming code, have become the top-selling collections on the Tezos blockchain.

Stephan Duquesnoy

Michael Arbach
Chief Technology Officer

Michael is a business oriented software engineer with a proven 17 years track record building high performance solutions for top tier companies using emerging technologies.

Michael was trusted by Northern Trust, the 4th largest custodian bank in the world to lead DLT based digital assets platform development, and by NASA to design and build core blockchain network for the Decentralized Reasoning Fabric DRF, a decentralized data streaming marketplace. He successfully designed multiple technologies to solve highly complex real world problems. Code produced by Michael is currently in production and has processed billions of dollars in transactions and securities exchange volume. Today some of the largest banks and organizations in the U.S. and Japan rely on software built by Michael and his team to power millions of users across various applications.
Nicola Barbatelli
Special Advisor

Nicola Barbatelli is an Italian art historian specializing in Italian Renaissance art. He is a scholar of Leonardo and his school; he is the author of at least fifteen monographs, researcher and reader of the work of the Master of Vinci.

He was a follower of the major expert of Leonardo da Vinci, prof. Carlo Pedretti, and with him, he published a very recent monograph on the subject of the Salvator Mundi. With prof. Pedretti, Nicola Barbatelli has written two essays and edited four monographic exhibitions on Leonardo.

Professor Nicola Barbatelli is currently the scientific director of the Museo Delle Antiche Genti in Lucania, the major center of study on Leonardo in Southern Italy. Among his discoveries is the Lucan Portrait, the enigmatic painting depicting the face of Leonardo.
Michael Stark
Strategic Advisor

Michael Stark is an entrepreneur, investor, & community leader. As the Founder & CEO of Stark Minds LLC, Michael champions creative people, ideas, and organizations with the intention of impacting our shared global future. Through its innovative agency framework Stark Minds acts as a catalyst, drawing in resources for the talented artists, executives and organizations it represents. Stark Minds offers leading edge Web 3.0 services and advisory support, translating the vision of artists & brands into the new commercial & cultural landscape.

Stark grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago and had a unique upbringing. Michael’s family was one of the first to adopt a child from China when it opened up the west, and subsequently took in 50+ foster children from all over the world. Through this experience, Michael learned that “everyone has a story to tell and something to contribute”.

Michael earned a BBA in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame and a J.D. & M.B.A. from Loyola University Chicago.
Richard Entrup
Strategic Advisor, Artist Relations & Curation

Richard Entrup led technology, innovation, and digital transformation programs at Verizon, Christie’s, Disney/ABC, Time Warner, The Museum of Modern Art, Viacom, and Tiffany & Company.

At Christie’s auction house, as Global CIO/CDO, Richard visioned and executed a digital transformation program of art tech firsts including the first blockchain-based auction; an augmented reality virtual hang app; predictive analytics and computer vision apps using AI/ML; and online mobile bidding during a live auction. In 2018, he helped launch the inaugural Christie’s Art & Tech Conference focused on Blockchain and AI art where NFTs were first introduced to the traditional art world.

Richard was most recently a Managing Director at Verizon Business Group, where he led 5G & Edge Innovation. He has served as CIO at several healthcare companies and a major international law firm, aligning technology investments to strategic initiatives.

Richard serves as a Mentor to students in the Executive Masters in Technology Management Program at Columbia University; a Startup Mentor for the leAD Sports Startup Accelerator; is a trusted advisor to the venture capital community; and is a Startup Advisor to early-stage NFT/Metaverse/Web3, Cybersecurity, and Media/Broadcasting AI companies.
Dave Martin
Co-Founder & Director

International venture capitalist and value-add investor in companies involved in Augmented Reality (AR), Visual Reality (VR), Gaming, Digital Currencies and Metaverse. Has built and exited numerous large scale business enterprises and occupied executive management positions.

He is proudly passionate about supporting leading-edge companies and individuals in the pursuit of their vision.
Duke Louis-Francois Saumon
COO, Co-Founder & Director

Lord Chamberlain of the Treasury of the Royal House of Medici

A graduate of the Paris Business School (ISG) with a Master in International Affairs, Louis-Francois is a polyglot who speaks five languages including Japanese.

He’s worked in Japan in business and diplomacy and in Europe for a foundation and an impact fund in business development and fund raising.

Duke of Nicea, Duke of Gualtieri and Patrice of Florence, he is Lieutenant of the Supreme Magistrate and Senator of the Grand Ducal House of Medici, Graduated Conventual Military Knight of the Order of Saint Stephen, founded by Cosimo I in 1561, with the position of Chief of Staff in its Council of the Twelve.

He is also a diplomate with the rank of Ambassador in an Intergovernmental Organization (IEMO) and an active member of the Italian Heraldic Council.
Marquess Patrick R. Bonney CEO, Co-Founder & Director

Lord Great Chamberlain of the Treasury of the Royal House of Medici

Patrick has spent half his career abroad in London, Tokyo, New York, and Toronto in investment banking advisory and private equity principal investing with global matrix reporting and P&L responsibilities. As co-founder of several platforms with a combined $2 Billion leveraged value, he occupied roles as Chief Investment Officer and Director of listed and private entities.

He speaks fluent Japanese and has two sons, one of whom is enrolled in fine arts at Tokyo University of the Arts. Patrick is deeply connected to social impact and creative cultural pursuits. He is a Patrician of Florence, Senator of the Grand Ducal House of Medici and Graduated Conventual Military Knight of the Order of Saint Stephen, founded by Cosimo I in 1651, with the position of Curator in the Council of the Twelve.

“What you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” – Goethe.